An advertising campaign in Google Ads makes it possible to reach top positions in search results, which increases the number of website visitors and potential clients.

The development and setup of an advertising campaign in Google Ads includes its optimisation according to the most relevant needs, and reducing the costs of the campaign itself.


Potential clients will find out about your company at the right time

New clients

Google will help boost sales and the number of calls your office receives


Your ads are only shown
to those users who are
interested in them


Ad targeting can be adjusted according to the country, city, or even a specific radius

Data analysis

We continuously analyse
data and adjust
your campaign

Advertising campaign setup stages

Key advertising campaign setup stages in Google Ads

Choosing keywords

We analyse search terms that users are most likely to search for your service or product with.

Selecting keywords that are relevant for what your business has to offer is crucial in fully reaching your target audience.

Setup of targeting

We set your ads to be shown to the right kind of user, at the right time.

The targeting we set up makes it possible to considerably increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and boost marketing conversion.

Cost-per-click analysis

We set the average cost-per-click for the top positions for the queries necessary, and set a daily budget.

The daily budget of an advertising campaign helps in controlling the money spent on advertising, and the rate determines the positions.

Launching your campaign

The ads will appear immediately after it is launched.

Thus, your website will attract new clients from day one of the campaign.

Afterwards, we analyse the statistics we collected during the advertising campaign and develop a long-term strategy for further activities. We offer monthly statistics and corrections in the event of business expansion and growing interest by potential clients.

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